Press Releases

Mission NewEnergy announces MoU with Benefuel Inc.

Press Release November 19, 2013

Buying distressed biodiesel assets requires important considerations.

Press Release October 28, 2013

Benefuel Inc and Flint Hills Resources Form Joint Venture - "Duonix LLC"

Press Release May 23, 2013

ITOCHU Announces Investment in a U.S. Venture Having a Biodiesel Fuel Manufacturing Technology

Press Release March 1, 2011

Flint Hills Resources Invests In Benefuel, Inc.

Press Release Februrary 4, 2011

Product Extension Release

Press Release September 7, 2010

Patent Release

Press Release August 1, 2010

Series A Release

Press Release May 1, 2010

Ryley Release

Press Release October 1, 2009

Sud-Chemie Enters Biodiesel Market as Manufacturer of Benefuel Catalysts

Press Release January 8, 2008

Former House majority leader brings farm, labor and energy expertise to biodiesel refiner/distributor

PRNewswire November 7, 2007

New Indiana Biodiesel Plant to Use Novel Catalyst Technology for More Efficient Processing

Press Release October 10, 2007